Museums in Spetses

Spetses developed a lot during Medieval times, which is why the island has an intense Medieval style. However, it also had a boost in ancient times, as excavations have shown. Findings from these excavations are found in the Museum of Spetses. The museum is housed in the superb mansion of Hatzigiannis Mexis, one of the notable personalities who played a leading part during the fight for the Greek Independence. This 18th-century building is an excellent example of local architecture and has a flat facade with an arched ground floor patio supporting a balcony.

The first floor displays a collection of relics and objects depicting the island's history and culture from the Early Classical period to the beginning of the 20th century. Sculptures, Roman coins, Byzantine icons, local costumes, embroideries, religious relics and items, portraits, historical documents, and weapons are some of the various objects on display.

Very interesting is also the Museum of Bouboulina, just a short walking distance from the port. This private museum is housed in the home of Bouboulina and displays a collection of personal objects and household furnishing of the Spetsiote heroine. This traditional Spetsiote mansion is really interesting to visit for its collection but also for the astonishing wood-carved Florentine ceiling in the main salon.

Lascarina Bouboulina is one of the few female heroes of the Greek Revolution and the most strong and commanding women in Greek history. She was born in 1771, lost her two husbands from pirate attacks and used the fortune and ships of the second one help the fight for independence.