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Hatziyiannis Mexis Mansion on Spetses: The Mansion of Mexi is located in Spetses, the southern island of the Saronic Gulf. It is a magnificent 200-year-old building with a high-ceiling roof. Built during 1795-1798, the Archontiko (Mansion) of Hatzigiannis Mexis used to belong to the island's first governor. Walking through the old, traditional villa, a sense of history envelopes you and you are transported back in time to the Greek Revolution of 1821, during which this house was a hub of activity.

On display inside the building are the traditional costumes, weaponry (guns and ammunition) as well as household artifacts. It now houses Spetses Museum. The bust of Mexi by the sculptor Byron Kesse is displayed prominently inside the museum.

Relics and archaeological finds from the island with its 4,000-year-old history are preserved for posterity inside the museum. The exhibits on display include pottery from the Early Helladic period to the 18th century ceramics from East and West brought by the island's traders or travelers, sculptures and tombstones of the Roman period, Russian and post-Byzantine icons and important artifacts related to the War of Independence in 1821, including weapons, the flag of the revolution, ecclesiastical objects, a collection of local costumes, bones of Bouboulina, historical manuscripts and pictures of the Greek freedom fighters.

Located in the center of the town square and to the northwest is seen the clock tower. Following directions from here, we come across the Mansion of Mexi, a wonderful museum, a bit off the main road. Visitors to the museum can also enjoy the exhibition of the Mycenaean shipwreck Iria.



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