Spetses Bouboulina Museum

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Location: Town
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The Bouboulina Museum in Spetses is located in the island's Town and is hosted inside the house of the legendary ship owner and heroine of the Greek War of Independence, Laskarina “Bouboulina” Pinotsi! Founded in 1991 by one of her great-grandsons, the museum functions as somewhat of a cultural center, while also promoting the life and history of Bouboulina herself!

A two-floor house, the Bouboulina Museum showcases an abundance of items that reflect the times before and during the War of Independence, including weaponry, vintage books, porcelain antiques, and large paintings! Plus, visitors will spot the beautiful model ship of Bouboulina’s own Agamemnon, as well as traditional costumes, Byzantine icons, honorary titles, fantastic retro furnishing, various documents, and items from her personal life!

Marvel at the home’s gorgeous interior designs, including its wooden flooring and roof, as well as the impressive censers, chandeliers, and handmade painting frames! Plus, guests can also ask for a private tour around the establishment!

The Bouboulina Museum is open from 10:30 to 14:00, as well as from 18:00 to 20:00.
It is closed on Mondays, Wednesdays, and during the period November to March.

Official website: bouboulinamuseum.com



1 Reviews
  • vasilikiang 11 Oct 2011
    Luxurious even today
    A very interesting museum only few metres from Dapia, the port of Spetses. This is actually the second home of the Greek heroine and has many private things inside. This place was used as the home of a family, descendant of Bouboulina, who was living there till a couple of decades ago. Then they decided to move their home to the ground floor and turn the upper floors as a museum. Only the first floor works as a museum, the second floor, where the bedrooms were, is still under renovation. The first floor has a large sitting room, a study room and even a hiding place, where the family would hide in case of war or pirate attack. The furniture are pretty impressive and very luxurious for that time, even for today. The ceiling has nice carved designs and it was ordered in Venice, as many other furniture in there. The tour guide is excellent and very informative. It would be nice to have some organized tours in English, but after finishing the Greek tour, the guide will explain you all in English, she was very helpful. You will recognize the place because outside the house there is a canon.