Spetses Church of Panagia Armata

Location: Town

The lovely church of Panagia Armata in Spetses, Saronic: The church of Panagia Armata (Virgin of the Armata, which means Armed Virgin in Greek) is a white and yellow chapel located on a hill above the old port of Spetses. This lovely church was built between 1824 and 1830 by the Spetsiote captain Ioannis Koutsis, to commemorate and honor the defeat of the Ottoman fleet during the naval battle on the 8th of September, 1822.

The church is dedicated to Virgin Mary because this victory was considered a miracle of Panagia on the name of her birthday anniversary. Every September, during the festival of Armata, a Holy Mass is celebrated there and garlands are offered at the monuments outside the church. From this chapel, visitors can enjoy a magnificent view over the harbor and the town of Spetses. This is one of the best spots to enjoy the sunset.

Map Of Church of Panagia Armata

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