Spetses Map

Spetses is a historical island located in the Saronic Gulf famous for its nautical and cultural tradition. A great number of architectural marvels adorn the charming capital of Spetses and create a nostalgic atmosphere which is essential in every Greek region. Spetses is one of the most cosmopolitan islands in Greece, a pole of attraction for many renowned artists and famous celebrities.

Moreover, Spetses is the birthplace of many heroic figures who took part in the Greek Revolution like Laskarina Bouboulina, the house of whom is open to the visitors, as a museum. The island is surrounded by picturesque small bays, traditional settlements, and beautiful houses. A stroll around the narrow streets of the capital will give you an amazing feeling and will lead you to the historic churches and monasteries which give astonishing views to the sea and the surrounding regions.

This section proposes a map of Spetses with all the major locations of the island.

Meanwhile, view a map of Spetses and where is Spetses.

Map Of Spetses