Spetses Nightlife

Nightlife in Spetses: Discover where to go out for dinner, a cocktail, or to party!

Spetses, being a cosmopolitan destination that welcomes thousands of Athenians throughout the year, has provided for the entertainment of all kinds of travelers.
Since it lies so close to the Greek mainland, many friend groups tend to select it for a weekend getaway, so that they can relax during the day and use all of their energy at night!

From seaside restaurants with a tranquil ambiance to clubs with loud music and dozens of people, Spetses really has it all!
The island is famous for its vibrant nightlife, with bars and clubs packed with people chatting, singing, and dancing until dusk. The most lively area is the Old Harbor, being home to many bars serving delicious cocktails and spirits with a wonderful view. The island's clubs, such as the well-known Guzel and the cool La Luz, are also situated there.
Of course, visitors will find many bars close to the island's port (Dapia), including the sophisticated Palms.

A calmer night out would include dinner in one of the local restaurants, maybe succeeded by a drink in one of the bars close to Agios Mamas Beach, which are quieter than those around the Old Harbor, yet lovely.

The official website of Spetses, though, recommends starting your night with a cocktail in the alleys between Agios Mamas Beach and Dapia and then walking along the promenade until you reach the Old Harbor to enjoy another drink!

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