Introduction & General Information

Its actual name is a derivation from "Isola de Spezzie", the Island of Fragrance, a name given by the Venetian because of the many herbs growing on the mountains of the island. The pine-covered island of Spetses is part of the Argosaronic islands (with Hydra, Aegina, and Poros) and lies at the entrance of the Argolic Gulf since it is the southernmost island of the group.

Like Hydra, Spetses island had an important role during the Greek Revolution of 1821 and is the birthplace of the famous feminine hero, Lascarina Bouboulina. The island of Spetses is a beautiful island offering tranquillity and cosmopolitan life, wonderful beaches and picturesque small bays, various interesting historical sites, a charming old harbor and all the facilities needed to enjoy a pleasant stay.

The island is very easy to reach for many routes are leading to Spetses: by ferry or hydrofoil from the harbor of Piraeus or from the port of Kosta in Peloponnese with small boats that leave every half an hour. Concerning transportation, one can rent a motorbike or use the local buses that serve the main beaches and villages. The use of vehicles in the main town is normally prohibited, except for motorcycles and bicycles.

The island of Spetses was one of the first islands to attract tourism because it had one of the first fully organized hotels, the Possidonio Hotel. Since then, touristy facilities and accommodation have developed and are now fully equipped in order to welcome the many Greek and foreign visitors who chose Spetses as their holiday or weekend destination.