Spetses Geography

Spetses is part of a group of islands called the Argosaronic islands (along with Hydra, Poros, and Aegina) and is the southernmost island of the group, lying at the entrance of the Argolic Gulf. The island has an area of 22 sq km and a coastline of about 27 km. It is located in the so-called Myrtoan Sea, at a distance of 52 nautical miles from Piraeus and only 1,5 nautical mile from Peloponnese.

The capital is Spetses Town, extending on the northeastern coast of the island, showing how the central points of the settlement changed over the course of history. It is formed by various districts all concentrated over the eastern coast, facing Porto Heli and Costa, two seaside towns in Peloponnese.

Spetses has two harbors: the new one is called Dapia, which is the center of the capital (Spetses Town) and the Old Harbour is located in the fishing settlement of Analipsi. The population of the island is about 3500 and it is concentrated in the districts of Spetses Town, on the eastern coast, mainly in the capital of the island.

The geography of Spetses is not very mountainous but it is organized around one single peak, which is, of course, the highest, Profitis Ilias, rising at an altitude of 300 m. A large part of the island is covered by a thick pine forest. This forest is considered as a protected environment and is part of the island's great beauty.

It is not the original forest that used to cover Spetses during antiquity (that is why it was called Pitioussa, which means pine-covered) but the one after the reforestation financed by Sotiris Anargyros, a Spetsiote who made a fortune in America and came back to develop his homeland. Bays and little cricks surround Spetses, forming some very nice pebble and sandy beaches usually boarded to tall pine trees.

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