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Piraeus in Athens: Piraeus is a great coastal city and the natural port of Athens located 10 km southwest of the city center. It is the busiest of the three ports of Athens.
Kiosks from all the Greek ferry companies, travel agencies, and canteens lie around the port.

Piraeus is one of the oldest areas in Attica and consists of many two-story Neoclassical houses and traditional neighborhoods. It is characterized by the port and wonderful spots that offer a unique view of the sea.

The region is easily accessed by the metro as both the Green and the Blue Line pass by Piraeus.

Hotels in Piraeus

We have made a selection of the best hotels in Piraeus.

The Port Square

Hotel4 stars

Located right on the port, the four-star Port Square Hotel is the perfect place for those who plan on continuing their trip or the ones traveling for business purposes. It combines an excellent location with all the comforts needed for a satisfying stay.



Hotel Suites2 stars

Found within a walking distance of the port of Piraeus and the railway station, Anemoni hotel offers a convenient base for exploring the attractions of the city. Its traditional style creates a warm and friendly atmosphere for a relaxed holiday. Anemoni guestrooms are all equipped with A/C, TV, ...


Faros 2

Hotel2 stars

Faros 2 is a budget hotel, conveniently located near the port of Piraeus and the lively seafront area of Pasalimani. Its rooms are renovated, with Internet access among other amenities. In addition, at the hotel you will also find a lounge bar and a 24-hour reception desk.


Things to See & Do in Piraeus

Check out the things to see & do in Piraeus during your stay and explore what the area has to offer.

Top Activities & Tours in Piraeus

Experience once-in-a-lifetime moments by participating in well-organized tours related to Piraeus.
  • One day tour to Hydra island, from Athens

    Category: Island, Day Trips, Private

    Private tour to Hydra Island Greece, one of the most un-spoiled and interesting of the Greek islands, is a small rocky island in the Argo Saronic Gulf, south east out of the Athens port of Piraeus and within sight of the southern Peloponnese mainland.

    11 hours Map
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  • One day tour to Spetses island, from Athens

    Category: Island, Day Trips, Private

    Private tour to Spestes Island Greece, a charming small island located in the Saronic Island group of Greece. It offers many beautiful and stately mansions, as well as fragrant pine trees and wonderful coves.

    12 hours Map
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  • One day tour to Poros island, from Athens

    Category: Island, Day Trips, Private

    Private tour to Poros Island Greece. Poros is the island of peace, romance and jauntiness. It is overgrown with pine trees which reach the rugged shores or the sandy beaches. The residents of Poros are like all islands, spontaneous, decent and hospitable.

    10 hours Map
    from € 100.00
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Piraeus Map

Explore our interactive map of Piraeus.

More information about Piraeus

Outside the port, the setting is quite confusing due to the traffic, but you will easily find everything you need within walking distance.
The streets that run parallel to the port include plenty of shops, restaurants, cafes and bars.

On the other side of the peninsula is the picturesque port of Zea, known as Marina Zeas, where many private yachts moor.
Northeast of the marina, one will encounter the small harbor of Mikrolimano, a beautiful area full of restaurants and trendy bars.

Concerning places of interest, Piraeus will not disappoint lovers of history, art and culture. The Archaeological Museum of Piraeus, the Municipal Gallery of Piraeus and the Nautical Museum are among the most interesting places to visit.


2 Reviews
  • Demetri 09 Aug 2023
    Beautiful Harbor in Piraeus
    Beautiful harbor in Piraeus with lovely little fishing boats, great seafood restaurants along the water, and quaint shops. Very peaceful respite in the middle of a bustling city. I highly recommend this peaceful and relaxing area.
  • jeff.fuidge 20 Nov 2009
    A night in Piraeus
    While I have no doubt Piraeus has a beauty of its own, but an experience three years ago has put me off for good.

    Before embarking on a hop across the Cyclades, we decided to stay overnight in Piraeus to get the early morning ferry. Sadly there was only one ferry a day at the time and, with a late flight from the UK, staying overnight in the port was unavoidable.

    We booked a cheapish hotel (I think it was 85 Euros a room) within a 10-minute walk of the ferry and it looked OK on the website. How naive we were. Even when we arrived at reception it didn't look too bad. You know a little dog-eared and worn, but just about acceptable.

    Once we got to the room, past the ripped and stained carpets and the hole in the outer skin of the door, we got a little twitchy. And, once inside we weren't exactly ecstatic. Everything about it was dirty and unkempt.
    I know we could have walked straight out, but it was gone midnight when we arrived and as the ferry sailed at 8am, we decided to just stick with it for the few hours we had left.

    We slept fully clothed on top of the bed covers and managed a few hours despite the constant noise in the street outside. We opened the windows because we thought switching the air-conditioning would surely wake the cockroaches.

    But morning came and as the mould-blackened shower only had two curtain rings, an unsatisfactory wash at the sink had to do - not a good start to the day. Nevertheless, we were soon on our way to the ferry and looking forward to our first stop, Syros.

    I accept I can't be too critical of Pireaus, after all I was only there for one night and most probably in the wrong place. I'm sure it has some redeeming features, but I felt I needed to write this as a warning to anyone who finds themselves in a similar position.

    If we learned anything from our experience that night it was, don't go too cheap and make sure you get a recommendation before you book.

    Fortunately it didn't spoil our holiday, but suffice to say we stayed in a lovely hotel in the centre of Athenswith rooftop views across to the Acropolis on our return trip home - and it was only another 20 Euro per night more than the hotel in Piraeus. A real bargain.