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Location: Piraeus

The Archaeological Museum of Piraeus is located between the picturesque areas of Zea and Pasalimani and exhibits findings that derive from excavations that have been conducted in the wider area surrounding Piraeus and coastal Attica. The elegant building consists of two floors with separate halls that are divided according to specific thematology and the present collection was finally presented in its current state in 1966. Many of the exhibits are part of donations from private collections, while they cover the time period from the Minoan to the Roman era.

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On the first floor, guest can wander through four different collections: a. the one including findings such as machines, tools, items etc. that showcase the glory of the Piraeus port in antiquity, being a major naval power and commercial center, b. a collection of everyday items that present a slice of life of the inhabitants during the antiquity c. the renowned Bronze collection, with a variety of bronze artifacts and four impressive full-figured statues that are extremely rare -as only 35 bronze whole statues have ever been discovered to this day- and d. the representation of a sanctuary of the Classical period.

In the second floor, there are two rather impressive exhibitions, one regarding the sepulchral art and its expression and another one regarding the evolution of plastic art during the Hellenistic and Roman era.

The contribution of the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus is rather significant, as it manages to bring forth the lengthy and glorious history of the renowned port, and in doing so, it amazes the guest with its richness and beauty. The museum frequently organizes a series of events, lectures, and programs to acquaint the public with the rich national heritage of the Greek past and operates on all weekdays except for Mondays, from 08:30 to 15:00.

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