Spetses Festivals & Cultural Events

Spetses Island is a huge inspiration for many people considering its history and artistic wealth. Locals try to share their interesting customs with visitors and immerse them in the events.

Religious feasts & festivals

• July 17th
A celebration in the chapel right above the beach is held in honor of Agia Marina.

• July 26th
The locals organize a feast to commemorate Agia Paraskevi. The celebration lasts until the early hours and involves food, live music, and dancing.

• September 2nd
The Feast of Agios Mamas is maybe the most cinematic-like happening on the island. It takes place in the small chapel of Agios Mamas.

Cultural events

• Armata Festival
The most interesting and impressive festival in Spetses is the Armata Festival. It is organized annually to commemorate the heroes of a major naval battle between Greek and Ottoman ships during the Greek War of Independence. The celebrations last for a week but the peak of the festival is the representation of the "burning of the Ottoman flagship". The Armata Festival is annual and takes place on the second Saturday of September.