Spetses Weather

Spetses weather: Like the rest of southern Greece, Spetses has a warm, Mediterranean climate which is very healthy and characterized by a lot of sunshine all year long, especially during summer and spring. Summer in Spetses is hot and sunny, like in most of the places in Greece, and temperatures range from 25 to 38°C. Winters are mild with low rainfall and rare humidity, while temperatures rarely drop below 0°C.

During the springtime, the temperatures are ideal, ranging from 15 to 25°C, and it is the best period for visiting the island. Autumn is also a very nice season to visit Spetses since the weather is still warm and bathing is a real pleasure with the temperature of the sea still being at about 25°C, after the heat of the summer. January and March are often sunny and warm, like a spring break in the middle of the winter. Snow is extremely rare and when it appears, it is only in the mountains. Of course, it never settles.

Average Air & Sea Temperature in Spetses in °C
  April May June July August September October
Air 16 21 25 28 29 25 19.5
Sea 15 18 22 24 25 24 22