Spetses Agios Mamas Festival

The Festival of Agios Mamas in Spetses: The island of Spetses is known to host lively festivals with traditional music and dances, as well as eating and drinking. However, in the case of the feast of Agios Mammas, the activities hosted may be the most unique and memorable!

The celebration takes place at the small church dedicated to the saint (Agios Mamas Church). The church is located on the small beach of the Town, only 2 minutes away from Dapia.
Agios Mamas is considered to be the patron saint of children and domestic animals. On that day, carriage drivers take their horses to the church for the priest to sanctify them. Children gather on the beach at the foot of the church after the evening mass and put small boats with candles in the sea, creating a romantic atmosphere of light floating on the water.

The feast day of Agios Mamas is September 2nd.