Spetses Old Harbor

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Location: Baltiza

The Old Harbor of Spetses (also called Baltiza) is located at a distance of one-and-a-half kilometers away from the new harbor, known as Dapia. It was an important shipbuilding center during the 18th and 19th centuries and the industry remains active to this day. There, you can admire the impressive old boatyards.

The natural harbor extending inwards from the coastline is very charming during both summer and winter!
In summer, it transforms into a busy place full of holidaymakers from all over the world, who arrive with their yachts and sailboats, giving the harbor a truly cosmopolitan look and panache. On the other hand, during winter, it gains its beauty from the colorful small fishing boats floating on the waters.

On the little peninsula right of the port stands a lighthouse with an old cannon battery. A lovely chapel of the Virgin of the Armata in Mediterranean yellow and white colors is situated close and overlooks the port. Its excellent location allows a spectacular view of the sunset. There are many old cannons mounted alongside the port, and the bronze statues park, including a staue of the local hero Kosmas Babatsis, stand majestically over the harbor.



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