Spetses Park of Historical Monuments

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Location: Town

Located near Baltiza, the Municipal Park of Historical Monuments is an open-air exhibition housing the works of the renowned sculptress Natalia Mela.

Here you will find bulls, goats, an owl and a mermaid interacting with visitors and passers-by, inviting them to engage in a fruitful debate with art and nature alike. It is even possible to play with the exhibits, since, as the artist once said, she liked her sculptures being out in the open, with people treating them even as toys.

The 11 steel statues were donated to the island of Spetses by Annette Schumberger in 1993. For many years, they stood on wooden bases which had been eroded by rain. In 2021, restoration works were undertaken, and the sculptures were placed on concrete bases among rocks, olive trees, pathways and lush vegetation, against the blue of the sea and the sky.



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