Spetses Zogeria beach

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General information

Zogeria Beach in Spetses is a beautiful shore boasting crystalline waters with mesmerizing blue colors! The larger cove of Zogeria has lots of coarse sand along its length, whereas the small, secluded Zogeria has a mixture of sand, dirt, and pebbles where the water breaks. The gorgeous surrounding forest trees make for a fantastic background for you to enjoy sunbathing or a refreshing swim!

The bays of Zogeria have both partly- and non-organized spaces, given that there are plenty of rows with sunbed pairs and parasols throughout the summertime, alongside some unused space for bathers who prefer bringing their own equipment!

Since Zogeria is a remote beach, hopping onto the designated water taxi service is frequently suggested as the best option should you want to visit the shore and enjoy its clear waters.

Zogeria Map

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