Athens Things to do

Although it is most famous as a sightseeing place, visitors can also practice many other Things to do in Athens. The city center of Athens has many shopping streets and districts that regularly have offers. Ermou Street is the most famous shopping street in Athens, while the district of Kolonaki has shops of international brands.

Over the last years, the coasts of Attica are developing as tourist places for foreigners, not only for Athenians who have holiday homes there. This is how many sports centers have made their appearance, from water sports and windsurfing centers to horse riding and diving centers.

We have selected below the best things to do in Athens but you can find more in the following sections: Sightseeing, Tours & Activities, Beaches, Neighbourhoods, Eat & Drink, Sports, Shopping, Wellness, Workshops & other.

Discover the best things to do in Athens

  • Discover the sightseeings, neighbourhoods, beaches of the town.
  • Discover our selection with the best restaurants, cafe and bars in the city.
  • Discover our tours in Athens and to most famous sighseeing in Greece.
  • Discover the Greek islands with our packages starting from Athens: Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos and more.
  • Scuba diving in Athens is getting popular over the last years due to the rich sea bottom.
  • Athens has a multitude of shops and shopping centers. Discover the most famous spots.
  • Discover the festivals, religious feasts and cultural events in Athens.
  • Enjoy a movie in one of the open-air cinemas of the town.
  • Discover the best music clubs in Athens and party till the morning!
  • While visiting Athens, take a break and relax with a traditional Turkish hammam.
  • While visiting Athens, take a break and relax with a massage.
  • Discover the wine tradition of the region in some of the best wineries.
  • The region offers many hiking opportunities as it is surrounded by mountains.
  • Experience the diversity of the Athenian natural landscape with yoga classes.
  • Discover some creative workshops in Athens: Photography, cooking & painting.
  • Windsurfing is popular in Athens, especially at the beaches of Schinias and Marathon.
  • Although there are many beaches in Athens, watersports centers are few.
  • Few horse riding centers are found in the suburbs of Athens and offer nice walks.
  • Discover the nearby islands of the Argo Saronic islands: Aegina, Poros and more.
  • Discover Glyfada Golf Club located in the southern suburbs of Athens.
  • Enjoy an original Ancient Drama performance with English, French or on-demand overtitles
  • Discover the famous casino of Athens, perched on the Parnitha mountain.
  • Get married in one of the most historical capitals of Europe!
  • Have a look in our list with real estate agencies in Athens that can help you find or construct your perfect home there.

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