Athens Nightlife

Athens is known for its crazy nightlife. Greeks enjoy the night and go to bed only when the sun goes up in the morning, therefore the city is full of bars, cafes, and clubs for every mood, style, and occasion. The visitors will surely enjoy exciting nights in fun and music. The Greek way to go out begins with a coffee in one of the many cozy cafes in the town, while choosing among the incredible quantity of bars that play all kinds of music: live music, disco, jazz, international and Greek pop, traditional Greek music, heavy metal, house music or hip-hop.

The night will continue in one of the many big or small clubs, which are full of people partying until early in the morning. In the wintertime, the most popular bars are concentrated in the central quarter of Kolonaki, in Gazi and Panormou st. In summer, bars and clubs move to the southern suburbs of Athens, such as Glyfada and Varkiza, or on the northeastern side of Attica, including Rafina and Nea Makri. In the quarter of Gazi, there are also many gay and lesbian bars.

Bars in Athens

Athens is crowded with bars, which usually open from 8 pm until 2 or 3 am. The main neighborhoods with the biggest amount of bars are Kolonaki, Exarchia, Glyfada, Kifissia, Thision, and Psiri. Keep in mind that in Greece the bars do not close if there are still people in them. They just wait till people leave for themselves.

Clubs in Athens

During the wintertime, the main nightclubs are found in the town center around Syntagma Square and in the region of Gazi, along Piraeus street. Nightclubs opened around midnight and stay open until 6 or 7 am. In summer, most of these big clubs move to the seaside suburbs, such as Glyfada and Varkiza.

Bouzoukia in Athens

A very popular way of entertainment in Greece is bouzoukia. The modern kind of bouzoukia is live shows where a singer performs and people drink and dance at their tables or on the dancing floor. Many such live shows with Greek singers are found in Pireos St, close to the center of Athens, or in the region of Kalamaki/Glyfada.

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