Even though Athens is a popular cultural center, it is also filled with buzzing bars, making it ideal for a relaxing evening or a vibrant night out. The most popular Athens bars are found in the center of the city or in the nearby areas and they offer magnificent views of the Acropolis and of other significant landmarks.
Bars in Athens vary in style, from elegant avant-garde to bohemian and alternative, from trendy bars and lounge jazz to rock-metal bars and Irish karaoke pubs. The most high-class bars are located in Syntagma and Kolonaki, while more alternative venues can be found in Monastiraki. Modern Athens bars, which attract mostly students, are set in the Gazi area and offer stunning city views.

Many bars are open all day and night long, offering coffee and snacks till the evening when they start serving alcoholic drinks. Others are exclusively cocktail bars, serving delicious authentic cocktails, while some turn into mini clubs with loud music for parties.

What are the best Bars in Athens? We have hand-picked the best 47 ones and marked our favorite with a ❤. Some bars propose online reservations! Just click on .

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