Athens Lycabettus Hill

Location: Kolonaki

The Hill of Lycabettus is basically one of the greenest spots in Athens. The hill is covered with pine trees and crossed by paved paths. Standing close to the center of Athens, the hill is 227 meters high. In fact, it is the second-highest point of the Athenian basin and a great place to enjoy stunning views of the whole city, its suburbs and the sea that surrounds the capital of Greece.

On top of the hill sits the small whitewashed church of Agios Georgios (Saint George), apparent from many points of Athens. Apart from this church, Lycabettus Hill also has a restaurant that serves delicious meals. This place is ideal for having romantic dinners with the view of the entire city in the background.

Lycabettus Hill is also a popular spot when it comes to cultural events. There is a semi-circular amphitheater on its slopes, where Greek and foreign bands perform, mainly in summer when the weather allows it.

The most fun means of transport that can get you there is the cable car that departs from Kolonaki and takes about 30 minutes to reach the top. The paved road that leads to the hill is rough and the trip can get you exhausted.

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The myth behind the creation of Lycabettus Hill

According to Greek mythology, Lycabettus was created when a rock fell from the hands of the goddess Athena.

More specifically, the myth has it that, during the reign of Kekropas, the goddess Athena went to the workshop of the god Hephaestus to order him weapons. The god fell in love with her, but Athena wanted to remain a virgin. After a fight and Athena's strong resistance, the goddess took a handkerchief, wiped herself and then threw it on the ground. That handkerchief, however, had what was needed to produce the child of the two deities, Erichtheas.
When Athena saw the baby, she enclosed it in a jar and gave it to the daughters of Kekropas. She ordered the three girls, Aglavros, Ersis and Pandrosos, to hide the jar and never open it.

One day, however, Aglavros and Ersis disobeyed the goddess' order, opened the jar and saw a serpent in the form of a child. They were so frightened by what they saw that they slipped off the Acropolis.
At the same time, Athena was cutting rocks to fortify the Acropolis. While she was returning from Pallene (a region in eastern Attica) holding a huge rock, a raven approached her and told her the news. Due to her shock, the rock fell from her hands and thus arose Lycabettus!

How to get there

There are many ways to reach the Lycabettus Hill from any location in Athens.

Private transfers: We recommend using an online pre-booked transfer service, which provides transfer by taxi, minibus, or private VIP car and arranging a pickup directly from the port, airport, or your hotel. Alternatively, there’s the option of arranging a pickup by a local driver directly at the following numbers: (0030) 18288, (0030) 18222, (0030) 18180. You can also book your taxi online.

By cable car: Lycabettus Hill is the highest point in central Athens and it can be reached by cable car.

By metro: The closest metro station is Evangelismos (Blue Line). Note that Lycabettus Hill is located within a 20-minute walking distance from the metro. Get a map of the metro here.

By bus/trolleybus: The closest bus stop is "Likavitou" (Bus line 060). Check the routes and the official timetables on OASA Telematics.



1 Reviews
  • anna_m_I 11 Jan 2011
    Amazing view
    This is the highest spot of Athens and you can either go on foot or by the funicular train from Kolonaki. The most important thing about Lycabettus Hill is that it offers panoramic views of Athens. It can be seen from everywhere in Athens. The hill is a very popular tourist destination and once you reach the top there is the small whitewashed church of Saint George and a restaurant. There are cafeterias and bars, the perfect place to enjoy your coffee. There is no doubt that it is the ideal place for a romantic walk whereas if you get lucky and it is not very crowded it is very peaceful and magic. It has a theatre at the top where it has housed several Greek and international concerts as well as other cultural events.