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Koukaki Neighborhood in Athens: Built on the southeastern foothills of Filopappou Hill, Koukaki is a beautiful neighborhood near the center of Athens and the Acropolis.
It preserves a vintage atmosphere and a walk there will introduce you to an authentic part of the modern city.
You will spot neoclassical buildings, as well as apartment blocks that date back to the 1960s and 1970s.

Did you know that in 2015 Koukaki was voted as the 5th most interesting neighborhood in the world, by people who travel using Airbnb? This is not surprising, as Koukaki emits a unique urban vibe, minus the city center hassle.

Hotels in Koukaki

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Hotel Rooms Suites Junior Suites4 stars

Neoma is a marvelous hotel featuring rooms and suites with upscale furnishing, large windows, an all-year restaurant, and a rooftop pool with a poolside bar-restaurant and views over the revered Acropolis.


Acropolis Hill

Hotel3 stars

On the foothills of Filopappou Hill, near the historic site of the Acropolis, Acropolis Hill Hotel provides minimally decorated rooms and suites with a modern design, as well as amazing shared facilities, including a bar. A terrace with a swimming pool and sunbeds can also be found at the hotel.


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More information about Koukaki

Considered one of the coolest neighborhoods in Athens, Koukaki is a place that has it all!
Its stylish shops, the proximity to the Acropolis Museum and the local archeological sites, as well as the laid-back vibe make it one of the best non-touristy neighborhoods in Athens. From vibrant coffee places and bars to minimal restaurants and taverns, it offers a variety of choices. 

When you find yourself strolling around its neighborhoods, you will discover both neoclassical and modern houses, as well as shops with strong local colors.
A walk on Filopappou Hill is also highly recommended to see ancient monuments and find viewpoints that will allow you to enjoy the urban landscape from a distance.

Koukaki is a popular place to stay, with many cozy and modern accommodation options that are ideal if you want to combine privacy with a quirky ambiance.


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