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Gazi-Keramikos Athens: The neighbourhood of Gazi (gas) is synonymous with the most known nightclubs and some elegant restaurants.
It is known as an industrial area that took its name from a local gas factory that used to operate in this district.

The gas factory was established in the year 1857 and commenced its operations from the year 1862.
The factory closed its engines, in 1984. T
oday in this neighbourhood, one can experience the authentic character and traditional way of life of the locals who formed an independent community with all the conceivable facilities of that time.

The entire area is a typical example of an old town in Athens adorned by the beautiful stone buildings with distinct neoclassical features.
Despite the further renovations by the city authorities, Gazi won the hearts of the Athenians with the plethora of cozy restaurants, trendy cafes, small bars and Greek restaurants which add to the picturesque atmosphere of the entire district.

Technopolis, the former gas factory which stands in the middle of Gazi, is now used as a cultural center hosting many concerts and special events throughout the year. It is very close to the city centre, located right in front of the Keramiko metro station.

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