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Information about Kipseli

Kypseli is one of the biggest neighborhoods in central Athens. It expands from Patission avenue from the West until Tourkovounia hills in the East.

The neighborhood is very close to Exacheia, the National Archaeological Museum as well as the University of Economics.

Kypseli is easily approached by many means of transportation such as buses, trolley-buses and the metro (Victoria metro station). A new metro station is also under construction in Plateia Kypselis (main square).

The neighborhood used to be an upper-middle-class district. This is why you can find buildings with interesting architecture, shops, bars, theatres and cinemas as well as the “Pedion tou Areos” park, Fonikonos Negri square and Plateia Agiou Georgiou square.
During the ’80s, the most wealthy families moved to the suburbs and the region slowly fell in decline. Many shops closed, apartments were neglected and rents were very low.
Apartments hosted families and groups of people who migrated from the middle-east and Africa to Greece for a better future forming a multicultural environment.

After the economic crisis, houses in Kypseli are considered a great real estate investment opportunity while many have been renovated and turned into airbnbs.
Artist and college students also prefer the region for its low rents and ethnic identity.

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When In Athens


When In Athens is a fully equipped apartment with a warm atmosphere. It is located in the area of Kypseli and it has been decorated with antique furniture. It offers the opportunity to feel like home and enjoy and authentic experience of accommodation not far from the center of Athens.


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