Athens Laiki Agora (Farmer's market)

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Location: Exarchia

Greece is an agricultural country producing and exporting some of the finest fruits and vegetables.

The farmer’s market or "laiki" as it is simply known is a weekly venue taking place in different neighborhoods of Athens and its suburbs, selling fresh greek produce in designated places on specific days. Farmers from all over Greece send their products to Athens. Their goods are arranged on wooden stands, under orange tents and are sold at a lower price. One can find anything the Greek soil produces at that specific season. You will find fruits (such as oranges, apples, watermelons, strawberries, and more according to the month of your visit), vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, cucumber, and else) as well as fresh fish, eggs, olives, wine, olive oil, flowers, and plants.

"Laiki" which is an interpretation of "market of the people" is a very popular tradition among Greek families and it's the place where many households get provided with their weekly food. The reason is that prices are low while quality is excellent. Anything you need to find for a healthy meal you can find it here. Furthermore, it is a meeting place for friends and neighbors and an opportunity for chit-chat.

The fact that shops and supermarkets are not involved in the selling of the products, keeps the prices low while everything is as fresh as possible since they are put on sale just a few hours or days after their collection.

Laiki begins early in the morning and finishes around 15:00. After mid-day prices on certain products fell even half-price in order to be sold. Note that it might get crowded while there is also a lot of yelling from the merchants advertising their products.

Even if you are visiting Athens only for a few days, a visit there is truly worthy in order to take a glance at the local life and taste a few of the mouthwatering Greek products.

Some of the most central streets where you can find a laiki are:
- Ydras street in Kypseli, takes place every Thursday.
- Archimidous street in Pagkrati, takes place every Friday.
- Kallidromiou street in Exarcheia, takes place every Saturday.



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