Athens Arios Pagos Hill

Location: Thissio

The rocky Hill of Arios Pagos is located on the northwestern side of the Acropolis The top of a steep rock is one of the most popular places where the locals gather in groups to watch the sunset and the impressive views of the urban landscape of Athens.

Arios Pagos Hill bears a great historical, cultural and religious significance, as it has been used as a multifunctional area ever since Antiquity. It is said that the Hill was probably named after the ancient god of war Ares (Mars). The Ancient Greeks used to believe that the place was connected to many major mythological events such as the first murder trial conducted by the gods. As a result, the oldest supreme court Arios Pagos of Ancient Athens was established on the hill. At the same time, it was a religious center and a place of worship for the Ancient residents of the city; the ruins of altars dedicated to the goddess Athena and the Eumenides, the deities of vengeance have been discovered. The archeological findings in the area, including the remnants of a settlement, suggest that one of the oldest graveyards of Athens was located there, with tombs dating back to the Mycenaean and Geometric Periods. Around 50 AD, the very first Christian preaching by Apostle Paul to Areopagites, the members of the court, took place on the hill. A few of the members converted to Christianity, including Dionysios, after whom the Street Dionysiou Areopagitou was named.

Stairs that have been carved into the rock will allow you to reach the top of the hill and enjoy the magnificent view of Athens.

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