Cycladic Art Museum in Athens

The Cycladic Art Museum in Athens: The Museum of Cycladic Art was founded in 1986 and hosts the collection of Cycladic and Ancient Greek art that belonged to Nicolaos and Dolly Goulandri. The museum is mainly housed in a neoclassical building, designed by Ioannis Vikelas and situated in the center of Athens, at 4, Neofitou Douka st.

In 1991, an extension was added to the main museum, the neoclassical Stathatos mansion, built in 1895 by Ernst Ziller, a famous German architect. Stathatos mansion is located at Vasilisis Sofias and Herodotou st. and is connected to the main building of the museum through a corridor. The Stathatos Mansion hosts temporary exhibitions while the main building of the museum consists of four floors with permanent exhibitions.

The ground floor hosts the atrium and the gift shop of the museum. The first floor houses a Cycladic collection with 350 exhibits that have been found on Cyclades islands and include small marble statues and marble vessels. The 2nd floor includes displays from the Greek Bronze Age to the Roman Period.

The 3rd floor has a collection of Cypriot antiquities. The 4th floor includes exhibits of ancient Greek Art and figurines from the island of Keros, near Koufonisia. This collection belongs to Karlos Politis and was donated to the museum in 1989.

In the museum, you will have the chance to see exhibits from the Cycladic art that date from the Prehistoric till the Roman times. These exhibits include mainly marble figurines characterized by a distinctive shimmer, near modern form and simplicity.

Address: Neofytou Douka st, 4
Phone: (+30) 210 72 28 321

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