Introduction & General information

The Sterea region in the mainland is a geographical region in central Greece. It is located between Peloponnese and Thessaly and spreads from the Aegean Sea on the east till the Ionian Sea on the west. The Sterea is a region with a variety of landscapes and interesting sightseeing. However, few places in Sterea have opened to tourism and those that did develop with tourism facilities,  attract mostly family vacationers.

The most popular destination in Sterea is Delphi, called the "navel of the world" as it is considered the center of the Earth. The archaeological site of Delphi includes the temple of Apollo, where the famous Oracle was found. This oracle was visited by people from all over the Mediterranean Sea to get prophecies or advice. The site of Delphi also includes the Ancient Theatre, the Ancient Stadium, the Gymnasium, the temple of Athena Pronea and various ancient buildings, like treasuries. Right next to the site, there is an interesting archaeological museum.

A very popular destination is also Arachova, a mountainous town with traditional architecture at a close distance to Delphi. Arachova gets very popular in winter due to the ski centers on the slopes of Mount Parnassus. Another winter destination that is currently developing is Karpenisi, with lovely nature and also a ski center.

A lovely summer place in Sterea is Nafpaktos, a beautiful town that stands out for the Venetian port and the imposing castle on top of the hill. There are many beautiful beaches around Nafpaktos and the town itself provides a romantic and calm setting for vacations. As Sterea is surrounded by sea on three sides, visitors can also find many nice villages for summer vacations.

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