Arachova Ski Centres

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Location: Parnassus

Skiing and Ski Centres in Arachova, Greece: Situated on the slopes of the mountains of Parnassos, Arachova is a beautiful town that offers tourists a different view of Greece, the snowy side. One of the highest towns in Greece, Arachova is well connected with the GR-48 highway, which links the towns of Amfissa and Livadeia. The curvy roads lead you through picturesque countryside covered with lush greenery, onto the town that acts as an escape from heat during summers, and a beautiful ski resort in winters.

Initially famous due to its proximity to Delphi, Arachova has created a name of its own because of the beautiful ski resort at Parnassos, offering tourists a chance to strap on a pair of skis and hit the slopes on their Greek Vacation. Just 24 km separate you from the wonderful slopes of this wonderful ski resort.

The extremely well organized and beautiful ski center of Parnassos is the main tourist attraction in these parts. Open between the months of December and May, it is a haven for winter sports enthusiasts. The village itself is a perfect blend of ancient and modern Greece, with many shops and cafes to keep you entertained. Sweeping grasslands and picturesque rocky landscapes surround Arachova, giving you the feeling of being in the cradle of nature. Experience the best of both worlds in this magnificent town of Arachova.

Ski Centres of Mount Parnassus

Skiing is not the first thought that comes to your mind when planning a vacation to Greece. But since 1976, Parnassos, in Greece, has been host to thousands of tourists who flock to it every year, in search of snow and some skiing action. Unlike your traditional Mediterranean locations, Parnassos offers a different skiing experience. A popular holiday destination throughout the year for those looking for a cooler version of Greece, Parnassos offers breathtaking views of Fir covered mountains in the summer and heavenly white snow-covered slopes in the winter.

Over the years, Parnassos has grown as a ski destination and today, it is spread over many mountains, offering tourists with a lot of options in slopes and facilities. The center operates around 13 lifts, which include 6 airlifts and seven sliding lifts. The ski cabin and resort has the capacity to hold many visitors at a time and the facilities available here are more than sufficient to keep you entertained.

Setup in 1981, the Kelaria section of the resort was opened to the public. Today, it has about 15 tracks and 23 lifts. Like all Parnassos ski locations, Kelaria provides ski equipment for hire and also lessons for beginners. Lying at an altitude of 2280 m, Kelaria is perfect for visitors looking for a challenge as well as beginners who enjoy the sport of skiing.

In 1988, a connecting lift "Ermis" allowed Fterolakka to jump into the fray as well. It joined the famed Parnassos ski center family and now boasts of 6 aerial lifts, 6 tow lifts, 1 four-seater cabin, and 2 learner lifts. Numerous slopes operate in this region having a total length of 14 m. 16 of these slopes are downhill slopes, out of which 13 are for skiers and 3 are for races.

Another popular part of the ski resort at Mount Parnassos is the facilities at Gerondovrachos. A relatively smaller facility as compared to the ones at Kelaria, it offers 3 lifts, one for children, a normal one and an advanced, as well as 4 downhill, runs that range from 200m to almost 2 kilometers. All facilities have a coaching school that offers first-timers handy lessons to stay off the snow and on their feet. Skis are available for hire and are sold as well at the local ski shop. Gerondovrachos also offers a playground for children who would like a small change from skiing.

As part of their services, the Parnassos ski resort offers medical insurance to all the skiers, snowboarders and visitors, which include First Aid assistance, ambulance service, diagnostic tests, and ward privileges. These privileges are, however, available only to those visitors who hold a valid ticket. Operating as a highly efficient and safe resort, the Parnassos ski experience ensures a high service standard and a pleasurable stay during your time at the Parnassos ski resort.



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