Find out everything about your holidays in Arachova on our travel guide! Arachova is a quaint village sitting on the slopes of Mount Parnassus. Nestled in the heart of nature at an altitude of 950 meters, Arachova boasts a wonderful view of the mountainous landscape.

The truth is that Arachova has emerged as a great winter destination mainly thanks to the three ski centers located on Parnassus mountain. Thus, it’s not a surprise that skiing is a popular activity to do in Arachova. Besides skiing, the village’s traditional architecture, beautiful natural landscape, and vivid nightlife attract many travelers every year. Add Arachova’s close distance to Athens to the mix and it becomes obvious why everyone flocks to this quaint village!

But Arachova is not only popular during the winter. Since Delphi, one of the most important ancient sites in Greece, lies just 8 km from Arachova, the latter receives visitors all year round! What’s more, Arachova is the perfect base for quick getaways to the nearby Itea, Galaxidi, and Nafpaktos.

In the center of the village, there are many luxurious Arachova hotels, while close to the Livadi region you’ll find a great selection of wooden chalets for a cozy stay among the mountains.

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Arachova Greece is a beautiful village that belongs to the Sterea Ellada administrative region. It is arguably the most popular winter destination in the country! Thanks to the three ski centers located on Mount Parnassus, Arachova is famous among the locals as a base for ski excursions.

But Arachova is not strictly a winter destination. Far from it! Its proximity to Delphi makes it a popular destination all year round. Many buses that do tours around Delfi usually make a stop in Arachova, so that travelers can have a traditional meal and purchase local homemade products. What might surprise you is that Arachova is close to some beautiful beaches, which makes it a wonderful holiday destination for the summer holidays as well.

Apart from Delphi, Arachova is also a perfect base for excursions to the nearby Galaxidi and Itea, two beautiful seaside towns on mainland Greece.

Arachova is a vivid village with lots of restaurants, bars, and Arachova hotels. As for sightseeing, the 11th-century Monastery of Osios Loukas close to Distomo and the stone-made church of Agios Georgios are worth a visit.

Arachova Greece is a winter wonderland!

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  • Beautiful village
    Arachova is a picturesque town built at an altitude of 980 m. The most interesting sights are the Clock Tower at the entrance of the town and the beautiful church of Agios Georgios.
  • Skiing in Mount Parnassus
    In close distance to Arachova, on the slopes of Mount Parnassus, there are three ski centers that get very popular in winter. Skiing, snowboard and others sports can be practised there.
  • Monastery of Osios Loukas
    Constructed in the 10th century, the Buzantine Monastery of Hosios Loukas is included in the Unesco List of world heritage monuments. The surrounding nature is also amazing.
  • Trip to Ancient Delphi
    The archaeological site of Delphi is located only 10 min drive from Arachova. This ancient oracle of god Apollo is one of the most important ancient sites in Greece.