Arachova Things to Do

This destination may not be famous to foreign tourists but it receives many Greek travelers, particularly in the winter time. Things to do in Arachova are many. The most popular activity is skiing due to the closeness to the three ski centers of Mount Parnassus. Skiing and snowboarding are largely practiced in the ski centers, where there are companies that rent equipment and ski instructors that offer courses.

Another enjoyable activity in Arachova is hiking and trekking and also mountain biking. Many footpaths cross the region and lead to small chapels, mountainous villages, forests, and hilltops with a breathtaking view. Hiking is best in autumn and spring when the weather is not so hot. In summer, long hiking can be quietly uncomfortable. A popular hiking route is from Arachova to Delphi, about 8 km far. Climbing can also be practiced there.