Arachova Climbing

Climbing Activities in Arachova and Mount Parnassus, in Greece: Mount Parnassus offers a large number of varied activities to those who travel to it. The activities range from skiing and snowboarding to hiking, trekking, and rock climbing. Although Skiing and Snowboarding are restricted to the winter months, the remaining activities are on offer for a larger part of the year. Rock climbing on Mount Parnassus is one such activity available to tourists for the most part of the year.

The most popular rock-climbing destination on Mount Parnassus is Kouvelos, situated at an altitude of 1880m. Being a part of the very elaborate Trans-European E4, an international footpath, Mount Parnassos offers a plethora of not to be missed plant forms, including Kefallonian fir interspersed with beautiful yellow-flowered and purple-flowered shrubs. This just adds to your rock climbing experience as you climb over challenging rock formations.

As with almost every other activity on the mountain, Rock Climbing, too, is dealt with, by trained professionals who ensure your safety. It offers a vivid experience to those who would like to come to Greece with a different purpose, something more, than just a vacation. Mount Parnassos offers endless opportunities to the avid climber, displaying numerous faces of nature, not to be missed.