Arachova Trekking

Trekking and Hiking in Arachova and Mount Parnassus, in Greece: In Parnassos, there is a bit of something for everyone. There are skiing and snowboarding for those who love snow and cold. But if you are more into taking long walks through mountainous terrains and treading on uncharted territories, then Mount Parnassos is the ideal spot for you. Not everyone enjoys the fast-paced action of skiing and snowboarding and so, there are the options of the more subtle hiking and trekking trails that offer boundless excitement and joy to the wandering traveler.

Trek your way up the mountain along the numerous trails in the region of Mount Parnassos. If you are not confident enough to just take off on your own, local professional guides are also available. The guides not only ensure you are safe but also take you through unforgettable trails, tailor-made to please even the hardiest enthusiast.

The beautiful mountains in the Mount Parnassos region are simply magnificent with a breathtaking view of the gorgeous sea nearby. Feel one with nature as you hike your way through the absolutely refreshing wilderness, and breath in the fresh, pure air. The various trails along Mount Parnassos, not only bring you close to nature but also take you to old monasteries and quaint classic Greek villages.

The most popular ascent on Mount Parnassos is Liakoura Peak beginning at Greek Alpine Club Parnassos refuge at an altitude of 1900m just 25 kilometers from the village of Arachova. Mount Parnassos definitely proves that Greece is not only about beautiful beaches and golden sand, but also about lush mountains and rolling green countryside.