Arachova Snowboarding

Snowboarding in Arachova in Greece: Snowboarding in Greece was probably started in 1987-88, though some people believe it to have started in the late 70s. In fact, the first unofficial snowboard race occurred on Mount Parnassos, Kelaria in 1993. The presence of a ski and snowboarding school ensures that Parnassos is the ultimate destination for any snowboarding fan. The slopes at Parnassos range from very easy to very complex.

Parnassos manages to challenge snowboarders at every level, whether they are mere beginners or seasoned professionals. A relatively new sport compared to Skiing, Snowboarding is gaining popularity real quick. The breathtaking stunts of the snowboarders not only attract their own kind but also numerous spectators, who gather to watch the snowboarders in action.

Fun for kids and adults, these slopes offer a brilliant view and the snow ensures that any air-time does not go waste. The trend for Parnassos is changing as every year, thousands of people travel to its slopes for a vacation away from work but now, it is becoming the destination of choice for Snowboarders and skiers who want to test their limits.