One of the most interesting archaeological sites in Greece, Delphi is located on the slopes of Mount Parnassus in central Greece. Delphi Greece was the most important oracle in the ancient Greek world and pilgrims from all over the Mediterranean would come to ask for the prophecy of god Apollo. The prophecy was spoken by the god through the words of Pythia, the high-priestess of his temple. As the myth says and scientists have confirmed, Delphi is the naval of the Earth, meaning the central point of our planet. Along time, it became also the base of a political and military association, apart from a religious sanctuary.


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According to the myth, Delphi is the centre of the world. On top of this place, a sanctuary to god Apollo was constructed in the ancient times, which also worked as a famous oracle. Pilgrims from all over the Mediterranean basin would come to Delphi to ask for prophecy, while this oracle is frequently referred in ancient Greek myths and tragedies. Next to the archaeological site is the modern village of Delphi. Today, apart from the visit to the ancient site, holidays in Delphi can be combined with roads trips in Arachova, Itea, Galaxidi and other places in central Greece.

Delphi Greece is among the most interesting ancient sites in the country. This was the most important oracle of the ancient Greek world, visited by pilgrims from all over the Mediterranean basin. God Apollo would give his prophecies through the words of Pythia, the high-priestess of his temple. This temple of Apollo can be seen today in the centre of Delphi, offering great view to the surrounding mountains. Around the temple, there are treasury buildings that contained the offerings of the city-states to the oracle.

To honor the god, athletic competitions were also organized every four years, called the Pythian Games. The competitions would take place at the stadium, that can be seen on the highest spot of the site, and the athletes would exercise in the Gymnasium, that is found on the southern side. Very impressive is also the Ancient Theatre that is under restoration today, while you must not miss a visit to the Archaeological Museum that hosts valuable exhibits from the excavations. Apart from sightseeing, things to do in Delphi include cycling and trekking in the region.

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