Find out everything about your trip in Epidaurus on our travel guide! Epidaurus is one of the most popular archaeological sites in Greece. Located on the northeastern side of Peloponnese, in the region of Argolis, Epidaurus Greece is mostly famous for its Ancient Theatre. This theatre was constructed in the late 4th century BC to host religious ceremonial events in honor of god Asclepius, whose healing center was located a few steps away. Famous for its symmetry and incredible acoustics, this classical theatre is surrounded by lush greenery and gives a nice view of the valley below. In summer, it hosts performances of ancient Greek drama. Many daily tours depart from Athens to Epidaurus and other places of Argolis. Visitors can also enjoy individual holidays in Epidaurus, in the close village.

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Ancient Epidaurus in Greece is one of the most important archaeological sites of the country. It is famous for the Ancient Theatre with the amazing acoustics. However, this is also a lovely region for holidays. Many nice villages and beaches can be found in close distance to the ancient site, such as the seaside village of Ancient Epidaurus, a charming fishing place with a couple of small beaches, fish taverns, and studios. The region can also be combined with road trips to Nafplion, Mycenae and Porto Heli.

Epidaurus is an area of mainland Greece which is found at the Peloponnese region. The most important sight in Epidaurus Greece is the Ancient Theatre. Apart from the symmetry of this structure, the theater is unique because of its excellent state of conservation, which allows it to be still in working order. Another distinctive detail about this construction is the perfect acoustics. If you drop a pin on the stage, it will be heard even if you're sitting at the last seats of the theater.

In summer, this theatre hosts performances of ancient Greek drama. A few steps from the Ancient Theatre is the Sanctuary of Asklepios, a very popular healing center in the antiquity. The Archaeological Museum hosts many interesting exhibits from excavations on this site. Most visitors go to Epidaurus Greece for a day tour from Athens, but this is also a nice region to enjoy relaxing family holidays and nice things to do.

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  • Ancient Theatre
    One of the best preserved ancient theatres in Greece, the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus is famous for its amazing architecture and the stunning acoustics.
  • Archaeological Museum
    The Archaeological Museum of Epidaurus is located inside the archaeological site, between the Ancient Theatre and the Asklepieion.
  • Ancient Stadium
    The Ancient Stadium of Epidaurus is located next to the Sanctuary of Asklepius. It was constructed in the 5th century B.C. to host the nude athletic games.
  • Sanctuary Of Asklepios
    The sanctuary of Asclepius or Asklepieion as it is called, in Epidaurus was a sacred healing place devoted to Asklepius, the healer god.
  • Small theatre
    In a short drive from the archaeological site and close to the port of Ancient Epidaurus village is the Small Theatre of Epidaurus. Restoration works are still continued there.
  • Greek Festival
    The very important Greek Festival, also known as Athens-Epidaurus Festival, takes place every summer and among others, it includes drama performances in the Ancient Theatre.