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Nea Epidaurus Village Epidaurus: Nea Epidaurus village is located at the foot of Mount Akros, 7 km to the north from Palea Epidaurus. Coming from Corinth and Athens, Nea Epidaurus is the first settlement of Epidaurus Municipality. It counts on a population of over 1,100 people, who dedicate themselves mostly in growing citrus and olive trees, and fishing. However, the village has a tourist profile, as well. In fact, the total number of local inhabitants triplicates in summer.

Like many other Greek villages, it is very picturesque with traditional houses, the cottages of this area were built the Modern Greek age, and narrow streets built into a slop of Mount Akros. In the following slop, the ruins of an important Byzantine castle are found. In this same slop, there is a beautiful gorge, called the Gorge of Vothila known for resembling a paradise surrounded by stunning mountains.

The slop at the opposite side is covered by pinewood, and this is where the first National Assembly took place in December 1921, after the Greeks got their freedom from the Ottomans. In this important meeting, the colours of the Hellenic flag were officially established as blue and white. Also the constitution of Epidaurus was drafted in that occasion.

However, apart from its natural beauty, this place also counts on some historical places to visit, like the monastery of Pamegiston Taxiarchon near Dimena. It was built in the mid 15th century, and it assumed a significant role on the struggle against Venetians and Ottomans. Another example is the monastery of Agnountos, the oldest in Epidaurus. It belongs to the 11th century, and is located at 2 km from the village. This monastery counts on two small towers, strong and high surrounding walls, and battlements. In fact, it is has a type similar to fortress constructions and it is really imposing. On its right side, there is a path that leads to St Ioannis, a chapel exhibiting interesting iconography material.

The church these monasteries belong to has a dome 17 m high, and is dedicated to the Assumption. Once inside, travelers don't miss the opportunity to admire the wall icons. There is another important monastery in Nea Epidaurus, as well as a total of 20 churches gathered together. This location and its surrounding lands were the central areas of Epidaurus during the Byzantine period.

According to the tour profile the village has developed, it counts on many accommodation options, such as hotels, camping sites, and renting rooms. In terms of nightlife, the available restaurants, taverns, and the disco make it possible to go out and have a good time. Also swimming and fishing are suitable activities to dedicate oneself in Nea Epidaurus, as it ends in two natural bays with clean water available for these purposes. One of them is used as a harbour to the area. The village also counts on an exuberant flora, since apart from the olive trees, it has large pines and orange trees, and obviously, we cannot forget the beaches.

In addition, there are festivals that take place during summer. Taking all these into account, it becomes clear that Nea Epidaurus is a good base for holidays, not only because of the facilities it counts on, but also because it combines many historic, natural, and amusing places to visit and admire.

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  • Christine 11 May 2022
    Most charming monasteries I have ever visited
    This is one of the most charming monasteries I have ever visited. The whole of the domed interior is covered in frescoes. Unlit it is a little difficult to make them out. The surrounding courtyards are filled with flowers and the rose bed outside is amazing. The buildings are picturesque in sandstone and the little attendant mum a sweetie!