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    Mycenae in Greece is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the country. It is located in the region of Argolis, between Argos and Nafplion. A very prosperous town in the ancient times, Mycenae Greece gave its name to an entire civilization, the Mycenaean civilization, that flourished from about 1,600 to 1,00 BC. Although this civilization was expanded in the entire country, the centre and most powerful town was Mycenae, the kingdom of the legandary king Agamemnon, ruler of the Greeks in the Trojan War. The ancient town was surrounded by gigantic walls, while the most famous spot is the Lion Gate, the entrance to the town with two female stone lions above.

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    Travel guide to Mycenae, Greece

    Mycenae is among the most important archaeological sites in Greece. It is located on the eastern side of Peloponnese, close to Nafplion Town, and can be easily visited for a day trip from Athens. According to mythology, this was the town of the legendary king Agamemnon, the leader of the Greeks during the Trojan War. This place was also the setting of many myths in ancient Greek tragedies, especially the tragedies connected to Agamemnon and his family. Holidays in Mycenae usually last no more than a day, as tourists mostly go on a road trip to from the close town of Nafplion.

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    Have a look on our travel guide for Mycenae Greece and find out the most important sights to visit. Mycenae is actually not an independent holiday destination and an interesting archaeological site. See our photos and maps to get a better understanding of the location.

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    Have a look on our travel services about Mycenae and organize your visit there. Most visitors actually go to Mycenae on a day trip from Athens or Nafplion. Others come as part of their drive around Peloponnese. Few visitors actually choose to stay in the modern village of Mycenae. See our tours that include this important archaeological site.
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    Few accommodations are found in the modern village of Mycenae, in short drive from the archaeological site. These accommodations options include mostly family studios and apartments. Most visitors to Mycenae choose to stay in the lovely town of Nafplion or the seaside village of Tolo and make a day trip to the ancient site.

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    Mycenae ancient site

    Ancient Mycenae is one of the most impressive archaeological sites in Greece. It is located in Peloponnese, in mainland Greece. Dating from the Late Bronze Era, this was the kingdom of the legendary king Agamemnon, leader of the Greeks in the Trojan War. It was an influential center of that time and in fact it gave its name to an entire civilization, the Mycenaen civilization.

    Surrounded by huge walls that were constructed by Cyclops as the myth says, it was a military-centered society with very limited interaction with other cultures. The most famous spots of Mycenae Greece is the Lion Gate, the entrance of the town, and the Treasury of Atreus, the vaulted tomb of king Agamemnon. The Archaeological Museum hosts interesting exhibits from excavations in the region. Close to the site is a modern village with nice restaurants and few accommodations to stay during your Mycenae holidays.

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