Mycenae Lion Gate

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Location: Ancient Site

The Lion Gate of Mycenae: The Lion Gate marks the entrance to the fortified citadel of Mycenae. The entire gate is about 10 feet wide and high and two lions under a triangle are inscribed on a stone above the entrance gate. The lions in the inscription are believed to have had heads of metal but these were plundered a long time ago. Further, the lions are depicted as resting their feet on an altar and they flank the sides of a pillar, which was probably a symbol of power.


As you walk in through the gates, there is a small compartment within the rock wall, inside the gate, which many believe was either a guard post or meant to keep guard dogs. The Lion Gate has become over the years the trademark of the entire archaeological site of Mycenae. In the ancient times, there was a wooden door to shut the entrance. The door opened inwards and it used to lock with a wooden bar.



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