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Ancient site Mycenae: The ancient site of Mycenae is located close to Nafplion Argolida, eastern Peloponnese. It is among the oldest towns discovered in Greece and became famous from the poems of Homer. It is located 108 km from Athens and 3 km away from the modern village of Mycenae.

Ancient Mycenae is one of the most impressive sites from the Bronze Age and today only remains can be seen of the Cyclopean Walls surrounding the Acropolis. The imposing Gate of Lions which is the main entrance constitutes the most remarkable example of monumental architecture in Europe.

In close distance from the ancient site is the archeological museum that displays a great number of treasures and findings. At the top of the acropolis lies the ancient cemetery of Mycenae and the treasury of Atreus, also known as the Tomb of Agamemnon. Due to the plethora of historical monuments and archeological findings, Mycenae has been declared a world heritage site.

At the modern settlement of Mycenae you will find a vast range of facilities, accommodations, gift and souvenir shops as well as plenty of taverns serving delicious meals. Numerous sightseeing tours are organized throughout the year in Mycenae attracting a great number of visitors from different parts of the world.

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