Mycenae Map

Mycenae is an ancient town of Peloponnese located in the prefecture of Argolida. Ancient Mycenae is a legendary city, whose imposing remains attract visitors from all around the world. It was the center of Mycenaean civilization and today a plethora of archaeological sites exist in the surrounding area, while others are kept in world-famous museums.

Today, the beautiful coastal settlement of Mycenae impresses every visitor as it carries the historical atmosphere of an old era. There are many attractions nearby such as the Lion Gate and various options to spend relaxing holidays. Restaurants, taverns, cafes and souvenir shops are available in the village. Moreover, it is close to the beautiful city of Nafplion.

This section proposes a map of Mycenae with all the major locations.

Meanwhile, view a map of Mycenae and where is Mycenae.

Map Of Mycenae