Epidaurus Weather

The weather in Epidaurus can be easily related to the rest of Greece, as this country does not have strong variations along with its extension. Greece is located at the south-east part of Europe and its general climate is similar to that of the rest Mediterranean countries since it is located in the East Mediterranean, surrounded by the Aegean Sea, and the Ionian Sea. In low terrain, summer is warm, dry and the sky tends to be cloudless, while winter is usually rainy. On the other hand, the mountainous areas tend to be colder, and they have more rains.

Although snow and very low temperatures are not common in this type of terrain, these conditions can be seen during winter on top of the mountains. Anyway, in the case of rainfalls, they usually vary from one region to the other, depending on the topography, in spite of the general uniformity resulting from the regulating effects of the sea. Once the spring ends, summer begins in late June and the characteristic weather extends until early September, with temperatures around 30ºC and up. In this typical vacation period of the year, rains almost not fall, except for some counted thunderstorms at the end of the season.