Epidaurus Geography

The region of Epidaurus, a place with a rich history, belongs to the prefecture of Argolida on the northeastern side of Peloponnese. It owes its name to the ancient theatre of Epidaurus that is located at a distance of 15km from the village. The village of Ancient Epidaurus served as a port in the antiquity. There moored ships that transferred people to the ancient theatre and the temple of Asklepios, a famous healing center.

Today, this village is the main tourist resort of the region with a lovely port for fishing boats and yachts. The most distinguishing feature in the geography of Epidaurus is that is surrounded by lush greenery, consisting mostly of pine trees. Peninsulas covered with pine trees that reach the sea can be seen all over the area.

The bad thing about these pine trees is that they gather a lot of annoying insects, like sphinx and bees. The inland of Epidaurus is also famous for its fruit trees, mostly lemon and orange trees. In fact, Argolida is famous for the high-quality production of citrus trees. Driving through the area, the essence of citrus trees is amazing.

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