Meteora is among the most impressive regions in Greece, with huge rocks in the middle of a valley. Located on the northern side of the country, the rocks of Meteora Greece are actually miracles of nature. Studies suggest that these rocks were formed 60 million years ago, when weathering and earthquakes gave them their present shape. On top of these impressive pinnacles, many monasteries were constructed in the Byzantine times. Although today only six of these monasteries operate, they form the second largest monastic community in Greece, after Mount Athos. The view from the top of the rocks to the valley below is just breathtaking.

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Meteora is an impressive region on the northern side of Greece. What makes Meteora so special are the huge limestones with the Byzantine monasteries on top. It is impressive how these monasteries were actually constructed many centuries ago on top of so abrupt cliffs. Today they are visited by thousands of tourists who come to Meteora from all over the world, especially in religious occasions, like Easter or Christmas. Although holidays in Meteora is strongly connected to religious tourism, the surrounding nature is a fantastic place to discover.

Meteora is probably the most dramatic landscape in Greece. It is located in Thessaly, in mailand Greece. Huge stones stand in the middle of a valley, giving an impressive view. On top of these rocks, monasteries were constructed in the Byzantine times. Although only 6 of the 25 monasteries operate today, they constitute the second largest monastic community in Greece after Mouth Athos.

The largest monastery of Meteora in Greece is Grand (Megalon) Meteoron, with strong architecture and breathtaking view to the valley below. Very interesting is also the Monastery of Agios Stefanos, while the other four are less frequented. At the foot of Meteora, there is the lovely town of Kalambaka with many hotels and tourist services for your holidays in Meteora. Popular things to do in the region are climbing and hiking.

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