Meteora in Greece is hands down one of the most impressive regions of the country! Located on the northern side of Greece, in Thessaly, this spectacular place is included in the World Heritage List.
The famous monasteries date back to the Byzantine era and they lie on the top of massive rock formations. The breathtaking natural landscape was shaped approximately 60 million years ago!

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Meteora can be reached by car or KTEL bus, while a train station is also available to the nearby town of Kalambaka. Many organized tours from Athens or Thessaloniki will take you there as well.


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Meteora is a beautiful region in the northern part of Greece.
What makes it a special place to visit is the huge rock pinnacles that are a unique sight in Greece. Monasteries that were built on top of them hundreds of years ago still stand and highlight the beauty of the natural landscape, attracting millions of visitors every year.

Religious tourism is very popular in this area. Numerous travelers arrive every year to visit the 6 stunning monasteries on the tops of the rock formations.
Out of the 25 monasteries constructed there during the Byzantine times, only 6 are still operating and are open to the public.

Nevertheless, the traditional monasteries are not the only reason why tourists flock to this place; Many travelers also visit it to hike or rock-climb, two of the most popular things to do there.
As for the landscape, it is, of course, perfect for nature exploration.

The biggest and most popular monastery is the Grand (Megalo) Monastery. The Grand Monastery has a unique architecture and boasts a breathtaking view of the valley. If you want to visit a more quiet one, then you should opt for the Monastery of Agios Stefanos, which is a very interesting place to explore.

Right next to Meteora lies Kalambaka, a lovely town, which you can use as a base of your exploration. In Kalambaka, you’ll find many hotels, restaurants, shops and facilities.

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As a popular destination, the region of Meteora provides several hotels to accommodate the needs of visitors.
Most of them have a traditional style and a few modern ones feature swimming pools.
The most convenient place to stay is Kalambaka, although you will also discover nice hotels with an amazing view in the nearby village Kastraki.


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  • Monastery of Agios Stefanos
    The Monastery of Agios Stefanos is the only female monastery in Meteora. It was originally constructed in the 15th century and was largely destroyed in World War II.
  • Monastery of Agia Triada
    The Monastery of Agia Triada (Holy Trinity) was originally constructed in the 13th century. Scenes of the Hollywood movie James Bond: For your eyes only were shot there.
  • Monastery of Varlaam
    Built in the 15th century by two monks, it needs to climb up 195 steps to go to this monastery. This is the second largest monastery of Meteora.