Meteora Map

Meteora is a complex of enormous dark rocks rising over Kalambaka, near the heights of Pindos Mountain. The gorgeous monasteries built on the peaks of the rocks comprise the second most important monastic community in Greece, after Mount Athos, in Halkidiki. It is said that Meteora was inhabited in the 11th century following the construction of the rest of the monasteries. The name of the monastic state was given by the founder of the monastery of Megalo Meteoro, Agios Athanasios Meteoritis, who baptized Meteoro (meaning high up in the air) the huge rock that accessed in 1344 for the first time.

Today, Meteora consists of 30 Byzantine historical monasteries, but only 6 of them are still active. They are all considered living museums which count on precious saint icons and historical relics as well as hagiographies made by the monks. Meteora complex is included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Monuments. The rare geological phenomenon of Meteora and the unique tranquility attract thousands of pilgrims and visitors throughout the year. It is close to Athens and other beautiful villages of Thessaly.

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Map Of Meteora