Arachova Weather

Arachova has a continental climate due to its geographical location. Although this would be seen as a disadvantage in many places, Arachova counts on this fact as a positive feature that many tourists enjoy every year. Arachova is established on the slopes of five hills on Mt Parnassos. The weather in this area tends to be cool during the whole year, although it gets dry and hot in summer, while winters are in general long and hard, and Autumns are usually rainy. One of the advantages about this lack of mildness is the snow, characteristic of locations like this town, settled at an altitude that ranges between the 800 and 1100 meters, Arachova is highly visited on Winter due to this feature, especially by those who are interested in skiing.

From December to March, snow reaches a level of 4m from the ground in many areas along with the prefecture. The closeness of Arachova to the ski center of Parnassos, the largest and best organized in Greece, also allows taking the best advantage of these weather conditions. Summers are a little cooler than in the lower areas. In this period of the year when the snow has already melted, lush vegetation covers the slopes of the hills and the surrounding terrains, providing very picturesque views. The weather presents the ideal conditions for mountain biking. The months between June and October are also great for visiting the many canyons hiding along with the mountainous areas of Mt Parnassos. The routes, in this case, present rappels from 10 to 70 meters in height!