Arachova Local products

The typical products of Arachova are known for their great quality and variety. In fact, this is a productive area with very important trade activity. The traditional techniques used for their production have been well kept over the generations, giving them a very special touch. Traditional products in Arachova include the popular feta cheese, olives, olive oil, legumes, pasta, traditional sausages, and wine.

Arachova also has a characteristic type of cheese called formaella, which is served fried. In addition, the locals produce other types of cheese, such as mizithra, graviera, and opsimotyri, a sort of strained cheese.

The yogurts and the jams from this town are also remarkable, while the area also produces high-quality wild-flowers honey. A very traditional drink is tsipouro, a strong grapelike spirit that is popular in all Greece.

Arachova also stands out in the elaboration of carpets and woven materials. This is a tradition kept by the women of the town from the antique times. The carpets have beautiful patterns and the woven textiles have great colors. In case of wanting to take home one of them, it is advisable to save for a while, since they are not cheap.