Arachova Church of Agios Georgios

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Location: Town

The church of Agios Georgios in Arachova, Sterea: Following the 250 marble stairs from the central street of Arachova to the top of the hill, you will find the impressive church of Agios Georgios, protector of this lovely town. The yard of this church is connected with the historical battle of Arachova, that took place in April 1826, between the Greeks and the Ottoman Turks. Finally, the Greeks with Georgios Karaiskakis as a leader won the battle and set the town free from the Ottomans.

As this winning battle took place on April 23rd, the name day of Agios (Saint) Georgios, the locals believe that this saint protected and saved their town. This is why a 3day festival, known as panigyraki, is celebrated every year on the name day of Agios Georgios, to honor the protector saint and the battle of Arachova.

The church of Agios Georgios (Saint George) was built in 1676, while it is believed that the four marble columns at the entrance of the church date from the paleochristian times. At the yard of the church, there is a monument with a bust of Karaiskakis and a canon. The northern side of the church is full of bullets from the Second World War. The view from the yard is breathtaking, as visitors can see from the slopes of Mount Parnassus and the landscape of Delphi till the northern coasts of Peloponnese.



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