Sterea Geography

Information about the Geography of Sterea, in Greece: Sterea is divided in the Eastern and Western region and between them lies Mount Pindos. Sterea is a well-known mountainous area in Greece where 22% of its total surface consists of valleys, 19% consists of gentle slopes and the rest of the area is mountainous.

The total population of Sterea spreads in the following prefectures: Etoloakarnania, Evrytania, Fokida, Fthiotida, Boeotia, and Evia. The mountains of Sterea are a natural continuation of Pindos Mountain Chain and between them rest beautiful settlements. Sterea is also characterized by its lakes which are formed in the western part of the region, particularly in Etoloakarnania prefecture.

The largest and the most important river in Sterea region is Acheloos which stretches for 220 km and forms the borders of Evrytania and Etoloakarnania. Evia is the largest island in Sterea, which connects to the mainland through Evripos bridge.

The geography of Sterea is characterized by a breathtaking natural environment with mountains, rivers, and lush green forests. The climate of Sterea region varies according to the altitude. In the coasts, it is mainly mild with hot summers and heavy winters. At a high altitude, there are many rainfalls.

Geography in each region

Information about the geography in the regions of Sterea: