Sterea products

Information about the local Products of Sterea, in Greece but also information about local products in many locations of the region: The entire region of Sterea is quite fertile and rich offering a great variety of products. Cattle breeding is also important and due to the rich land, there is a great amount of cotton production, tobacco, olives, citrus, legumes, fruits, and nuts. The fishing tradition continues to occupy many settlements of Sterea. The area is also rich in mineral resources like manganese, iron, and other minerals.

The most important Sterea products are produced in the plain valley of Boetia and in the sea lake of Mesolongi, which is famous for the high-quality fish roe. Sterea is also highly appreciated for the art tradition with the making of handmade embroideries, weaving, carpet making, a large and varied selection of ceramic pots and other objects that make nice souvenirs.

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