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Information about the Architecture in Sterea, in Greece but also information about architecture in many locations of the region: The whole region of Sterea is blessed with natural beauty and remains strongly connected to mythical figures since it is inhabited from antiquity. The impressive canyons, the rivers, the exotic beaches, and the green forests create the ideal scenery for nature lovers.
A typical sample of Sterea architecture in Sterea can be seen in Arachova, a beautiful town that clings to Mountain Parnassus, east of Delphi. Its peaceful atmosphere and idyllic landscape make it an ideal getaway for the Athenians. Most importantly, it is a town with a strong local tradition with the hand-loomed wool "flokati" that can be found in numerous shops and the unique architecture that is revealed in the upper town, in the picturesque neighborhoods where you can enjoy long walks through the narrow streets.

The area of Sterea is closely associated with archaeological sites of major interest like Delphi, one of the most historical places to visit in Greece. Delphi displays the epitome of ancient Greek architecture with a plethora of architectural marvels that survive to this day. A trip to Sterea includes also the town of Mesolongi which represents the traditional architecture. It is the birthplace of many poets, writers, and novelists and in the years that have passed, Messolongi has been greatly involved in the history of Greece. Some wonderful buildings are found at the center rising over the marble squares. One of the most famous mansions belonged to the renowned poet Lord Byron.

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